Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi Wabarakatu

On behalf of IHSAN-Islamic Holistic School for Alternative Needs, we hope that Apax had a successful and triumphant sports day.With each passing year we are more impressed by your sportsmanship your akhlaaq and above all your kindness towards our learners.This was the first year we did not attend the sports and missed it tremendously.

IHSAN has lost 2 very dear students this year- Daiyan Ahmed and Shahana Daya.Their passing has caused much sadness for us at IHSAN,but we fully trust that we will be reunited with them in Jannah, insh Allah.

We humbly request you all to please remember our students and their famillies in your duas.

Each year we update the APAX families our biggest supporters on our progress. Alhamdulillah we have purchased a home and will now begin renovations to our centre.We hope this will be done timeously to ensure that we can reopen all our classes very soon.Regular updates will be sent to the APAX team and we look forward to your continued support.



Zaheerah Bham- Ismail

on behalf of IHSAN:)

islamic holistic school for alternative needs