IHSAN has sadly lost 2 gems recently- Shahana Daya, a student at IHSAN as well as the Martial Arts Academy, and former student Daiyaan.


Loving and bubbly Shahana, our bright spark, chef, helping hand; a young lady who had many aspirations. Shahana was a true go-getter. She has left behind memories to last a lifetime. We feel blessed to have been chosen to be part of her life. May Allah grant her parents ease and we pray to all be reunited in the eternal gardens of Jannah. Ameen.



We asked former IHSAN teacher Apa Firdoze Suliman to share with us a little about precious Daiyaan:

I am indeed honoured to have been asked to write this for Daiyaan, a most adorable and loving child that I had the pleasure knowing, teaching him how to walk and hold a crayon and befriending him. His courage, his softness of heart, his warmth and affection and most adorable his melting smile. The precious time I had to share with this most treasured and beloved gift to us from Allah will be an everlasting remembrance.